Whether you’re looking for a new home design or additional space for your growing family, you have two options to consider – move home or extend. This can be a difficult decision to make when you love your home and the location you live in, but the property no longer functions for your style and practical needs. The first thing to consider is the cost, something that is often fairly high when purchasing a home. Not only do you need to think about the initial cost of the house price, but you will also need to save for stamp duty and solicitors fees, which can amount to a fairly large sum. This is one of the main reasons why many of our clients consider adding an extension to a house, as it provides them with additional space while lowering costs and allowing them to remain in their beloved home. However, when making any large investment, it is first important to weigh up the pros and cons to identify whether it is the right choice for you. To help with your decision making, we have provided just a few of the many benefits that you can take advantage of by choosing to extend.

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The Advantages of Adding an Extension to a House

If you have some additional space on the rear or sides of your home, then a house extension is likely to be one of your best options. While you will need to request planning permission from your local authority, a house extension can be a lot less stressful than moving home. When placing your trust in our reputable builders in Thurrock and the surrounding areas, not only will you benefit from the extension itself, but you can also take advantage of our expertise, reputable service and highly regarded design skills. The team will help you to create your dream space, either matching your existing home architecture or providing your home with a new look. So, what benefits can you take advantage of when working with our team? Let’s take a closer look:

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    Makes The Most Of Outdoor Space

    For those with large gardens or unused space on the sides of their home, a house extension is the perfect option to increase space within your home while having little impact on the exterior design should you choose to match materials. This otherwise unused space then turns into a luxury home addition that can increase room sizes or even provide you with another room or two. This is the perfect solution for keeping your beloved home and remaining in the same location, providing you space while ensuring you are not sacrificing too much outside space.

    When planning to have house extensions in Basildon and the surrounding areas, the team can help you to design a space that works best for you. This includes making sure that you use space around your home to your advantage, finding solutions that allow you to use space while keeping land for your garden and outside activities.

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    Designed Bespoke To Your Needs

    When purchasing a home, it is very rare that you find one that it’s perfect for every need and requirement you may have. This means that while you may love the home, you purchase it with the intention of renovating, adding rooms or changing interior designs. However, when adding a home extension, you can benefit from creating a bespoke space that has been designed with you in mind. Through bespoke design, you can create additional space that functions to your needs, such as adding space onto an existing room, or creating a completely new space. It also means that you are able to use materials and layouts that suit your style. Everything from the windows to the bricks can be customised to your taste, creating a modern, traditional or eclectic home.

    During your initial discussion with the team, your requirements will be taken into consideration before creating a design that we believe will accommodate those needs. You can then alter and adjust any part of the design, such as the layout or even where your plug sockets will be situated, making it incredibly easy to create a home that functions for you. To complement this design, our team are more than happy to provide you with contacts for specialist interior designers that can help you add the finishing touches to your home, ensuring that it is exactly how you envisioned. If you’re not quite sure what that vision is yet, then we recommend taking a look at House Beautiful’s article for inspiration.

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    Increases Property Value

    One of the main reason’s homeowners will renovate their property is in the hopes that they can get a few extra thousand on their property value. Well, you will be pleased to know that by adding a home extension onto your property, you can add a significant amount of value depending on what you do with your new space. For example, adding a new bedroom into your extension will add around 20% onto the value of your property, while adding a new bathroom will increase the value by 5%. The value that you can add onto the property through an extension makes it a worthwhile investment for those that are looking to sell up or even for future-proofing your property. This allows you to enjoy your new space while giving you the reassurance that you’ll make your money back when you decide to put the property on the market.

    Creates Additional Living Space

    As you have probably gathered, additional living space is usually the driving force for homeowners to invest in a home extension. Regardless of your needs, a home extension is one of the best ways to achieve your vision, giving you that much needed additional space. For example, if your kitchen feels a little cramped, then a home extension allows you to increase the space in your kitchen or add a dining area for socialising. It is also a great solution for those looking to grow their family; a single-storey extension can be transformed into a playroom with lots of storage while a double-storey extension gives you the freedom to add more rooms as more family members arrive.

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    Accommodates A Kitchen Extension

    The kitchen can be a great place for socialising, but when the room doesn’t function well, it can be hard to juggle cooking and social interaction. Instead of climbing over each other, a home extension can help you to extend your kitchen, allowing you to create more floor space or incorporate the design that you have been dreaming off. You can choose to have a kitchen island in the centre of the room for a statement piece, or a breakfast bar, perfect for socialising. Alternatively, if the kitchen is already the perfect size, but you have nowhere to dine, then you could consider incorporating a dining room into your kitchen extension. Regardless of your vision, our team are able to create the perfect luxury kitchen extension in Brentwood and the surrounding areas, so please don’t hesitate to give them a call to design yours today!

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    Various Room Choices

    Depending on whether you decided to have a single-storey, double-storey or loft extension, you can unlock the potential of your home. Whether you require an additional bedroom or are looking for space for the whole family to come together and socialise, there are an abundance of room opportunities that you can take advantage of. When planning your home extension, take some of these ideas into consideration:

    • Living room – create an additional living room or extend your existing room, creating a relaxing location to unwind and sit back after a long day at work. For some inspiration on how to design your new living room, take a look at Good Housekeeping’s list of ideas.
    • Dining room – not every home has the luxury of a separate dining room, which makes this idea great for those that are currently squeezing in their dining table in the corner of their living room. Take a look at Ideal Home for some inspiration.
    • Games room – a games room can be created in many different ways, from a playroom to a space that incorporates games tables or a bar area. You can easily change your playroom into a games room as the kids get older, making it a versatile and handy home addition.
    • Bedroom – depending on how big your home extension is, you can incorporate multiple rooms or one large double bedroom. For example, if you decided to have a loft extension, then you can enjoy space for a bedroom and ensuite.
    • Bathroom – if your home is lacking bathroom space, or you wish to extend your existing bathroom to accommodate a separate bath and shower, then this can be achieved when designing and installing your new home addition. The team can help with plumbing, ensuring that every aspect of your project is covered by experts.
    • Cinema room – sometimes a living room doesn’t have the aesthetic required to create the perfect movie night, so why not consider a cinema room?
      You can incorporate a projector screen, popcorn machine and bar area for the ultimate movie night.
    • Walk-in wardrobe – if you’re looking for a way to declutter your home, then one of the best solutions is to incorporate a walk-in wardrobe. You can add multiple wardrobes as well as mirrors and vanity tables to add a luxury touch to your new home addition.

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    Easier Than Moving Home

    Believe it or not, having an extension built onto your home is significantly easier than moving home. There is a lot that goes into an extension, but you have the helping hand of professionals to project manage everything, including gathering materials and constructing your investment. Whereas, when moving home, it is down to you to find faults in the home, the best mortgage offer and even search crime rates of the area to make sure it is safe for you and the family. When purchasing a new home, there is a lot of organisation involved, such as the following:

    • Redirecting post
    • Finding the best energy supplier
    • Looking for content’s insurance
    • Moving large and heavy items
    • Solicitor fees
    • Stamp duty
    • Researching the area
    • Possibly changing schools

    moving home

    Gives You The Chance To Upgrade

    While space is one of the primary reasons homeowners will decide to have a home extension, the look and feel of the property can also be a reason for making a change. When a homeowner loves their surroundings but is not a big fan of the design of their home, a home extension is a perfect opportunity to change the aesthetics. As every element is bespoke to you, it means you choose additional products, such as the windows, to suit your style preference. Windows are a powerful design tool to completely transform your home, choosing a style, material and colour that matches your aesthetics. For example, uPVC and aluminium windows have become increasingly popular, adding a modern and durable touch to your home. You can choose from various designs such as tilt and turn or sliding sash windows, tailoring every aspect of the design to you.

    To help you make the right decision, Homebuilding & Renovating has a handy guide on how to choose the right windows for you, including style ideas and colour arrangements.

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    Is It Time To Renovate?

    A house extension can add value in more ways than one; not only in terms of price of the property but also value on living. The additional space that it can provide helps you and your family to live comfortably without having to say goodbye to your beloved home, making it a worthwhile investment. If you have a vision in mind or would like to know more about design ideas to help elevate your living, then please feel free to speak to our team about house extensions in Brentwood and the surrounding areas.