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After speaking with the client about their need for extra space, the JVH team suggested having a loft conversion to allow the client to add an extra bedroom. They also wanted to replace their existing bi-folding doors with a modernised design that kept their home warm and safe. After devising a design and plan, the client chose the doors that they wished to install and the layout of their loft conversion. The team then went ahead and completed the two projects.

The client didn’t want the loft conversion to distort the existing architecture of the home, so opted to add subtle windows to the roof and on the side of the property. They also wanted the bi-folding doors to match the rest of the windows, so decided to go for a white frame that completed the property and let in a large amount of light.

Overall, the client was extremely happy with the finished project and looked forward to using their new loft conversion to free up the rest of the home. They also like the fact they can now step out into their garden, integrating the home and the patio.

Galleywood – Loft Conversion & Bifolding Doors

Service used:

For this project, the client had several services included in their loft conversion. The range of services can be found below:

Great Job, Good Team

what our customers say

"Our new bi-folding doors are letting in a lot of sun, which is warming up the home nicely as well as making the room feel bigger. The loft conversion is simply perfect, and we can’t thank you JVH team enough for the work that they have completed!"