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About The Project

Having debated whether to move home or extend their beloved space, the client decided to research their options and came across our services. Through an initial call, the team discussed the client’s options and how that can massively invest in their home through additional space without compromising on other aspects of their living space. From this consultation, the client decided to have a side double and single rear extension on their home that would accommodate three bedrooms.

This was a massive project for the team, and we were excited to start on the clients home. A date and time were first arranged with the client, and then the team began informing surrounding homes that the project will be commencing. The structure of the home was first erected to create the foundations of the new space, and then the team continued with interior work to provide a complete room for the client to furnish. During this project, the team were also asked to complete kitchen rewiring and install a new heating system to ensure that the client was able to enjoy their new addition.

The team are extremely proud of the large scale work that has been complete on this client’s home, and are over the moon with the finished piece. If you are interested in having extension work on your property, then please feel free to contact our team. Through our range of services, experience and expertise, we can help with all manner of home renovations.

Side Double and Rear Single Extension

Service used:

Due to this being a large project, the team used various services to complete to a high standard:

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what our customers say

"We are so pleased with what the JVH team have been able to complete on our home, it has completely transformed the way it looks and how it feels for our family. We can not thank the entire team for their work, and we love our new space. "