Modern Home Extension

About Project

Recently, the JVH Building Services team were called out to a client in Basildon, Essex, to complete a modern single-storey extension with a beautiful sunroof. The client wanted the extension to look and feel as though it were part of the original architecture but also wanted to add in some natural lighting. After speaking with the team, the client decided to opt for a peaked glass window on the roof and a brick structure that matched their existing property.

After arranging a time and date that suited the client, the team went ahead to complete the project. Completing the whole process in a speedy time, the client is now able to enjoy their newfound space. The client was pleased with their extension and loved how open it made the property feel.

Single Storey Extension – Basildon Essex

Service used:

To ensure that this project was completed to the highest quality, the JVH Building Services team used the following services:

Made The Home Feel Spacious

what our customers say

"Even though our home isn’t the biggest, the new extension has made it feel so much bigger simply by adding some more light into our home. The team were very friendly, and the process was completed in a nice and quick time. I would definitely recommend JVH to others."