Adding To The Property

About Project

A client came to JVH, asking for an extension onto the home that allowed them to integrate their kitchen into their living space for a more open plan feel. The JVH team advised them that a single-storey extension would give them space that they required and possibly even more. After having this discussion with the client, they decided to go ahead with the extension.

When designing the single-storey extension for the client, the JVH team incorporated the stunning and modern bi-folding doors that made the inside of the property feel much larger and brighter. The client decided to have black frames on their doors with chrome handles to create a contemporary look and feel against the white walls. After the extension had been completed, the JVH team cleared up the site to allow for the client to enjoy their child’s eighteenth birthday in style.

South View Road – Single Storey Extension

Service used:

When completing single-storey extensions, JVH uses various services to ensure the highest quality. For this project, JVH used the following services:

The Perfect Family Addition

what our customers say

"The JVH team did a wonderful job looking after our home and completing a single storey extension on the rear side. They were very helpful throughout the whole process, and I can’t get over how much brighter the home feels with the new doors! The open plan design has worked wonders to the property, and we are very pleased! Thank you again, JVH."