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Kitchen fitters

A kitchen is a place where you can make memories baking with the family and enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning. Creating a space that the whole family can enjoy requires you to expand your kitchen facilities as well as improve fixtures. Extending your kitchen with JVH kitchen fitters allows you to completely redesign the room.

Your new and improved kitchen is completely bespoke, meaning that the whole room emits your style and family needs. Whether you decide to include a breakfast table into your design or modernise your cooking and storage equipment, JVH can help you create the perfect functional kitchen. From stylish work surfaces to changing or matching the flooring, your kitchen can radiate elegance and luxury.

Designing your kitchen with style.

What’s Included in You Kitchen Extension

Building a stylish socialising hub for you and the family.

Kitchen Design And Building Process

When planning a kitchen extension, you need to make sure that all of the fittings and fixtures suit your family needs. To help you work out dimensions and ways to create a spacious kitchen area, the JVH team can design and plan the structure of your new kitchen.


The first step is to design your kitchen extension. Making sure that every element of your kitchen fits around your requirements and space is utilised to maximise the area, ensuring that you get the most out of your extension.


JVH specialists will go through all of your options so that you can utilise materials to create a stylish kitchen. If you are looking to completely redesign your kitchen, then the JVH team will begin removing all of your existing fixtures.


Once your kitchen has been stripped, the extension will take place along with the plumbing and electrics. The JVH team will then start to place tiles on the floor and carry out wall preparation ready for the new fixtures.


Your countertops, breakfast tables and cupboards will all be fitted in the location that you have discussed with the JVH team. Finally, your oven and extractor fans will be installed, and you can begin to cook your favourite meals.

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JVH specialist electricians, plumbers and builders will all be involved in creating your perfect kitchen extension.

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